The Hoboken Public Library Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who donate their time and efforts to help ensure the long-term financial future of the Hoboken Public Library.

Our Current Board of Directors:

“We are blessed to have such a beautiful structure to house our library. Maintaining the physical, architectural, and historical aspects of the building is one of our cornerstone missions.” – Anna Mae Cashin

“I’m a big music fan. The Hoboken Public Library has an impressive collection of CDs spanning rock, pop, jazz, blues, classical, soundtracks, rap, hip-hop, Americana, singer/songwriter, big band, and much, much more. I love to spend time perusing music in the media room!” – Bill Coughlin

“The MakerSpace resource is a great way for creative individuals to see their ideas take shape. Who knows? Maybe the next great invention will be ‘born’ in the Hoboken Public Library!” – Brenda Griffin

“I am particularly proud of our library’s resource center. It is a great place for one to read periodicals, surf the Internet, research news and trends, and even look for new employment opportunities.” – Esther Milstead

“While curating our existing collections is a very important task that we need to pay attention to, we also want to help bring our library boldly into this new millennium by incorporating the latest technologies and resources into our strategic plans for the future.” – Lina Podles

“The library’s regularly scheduled story hours are a great way to introduce pre-school children to the joys of reading. It helps to let these fertile young minds recognize the library for what it is – a place to formulate and start to realize dreams.” – Amanda Roberts Blaney

“I am particularly fond of the new Children’s Reading Garden. We were able to successfully apply for a government grant that enable the construction and landscaping of this wonderful new resource for Hoboken’s youngest citizens!” – JoAnn Serrano

“Being an educator, I want to keep learning alive in the hearts and minds of our community’s children because they are our future.” – Rose Perry

“As a Hoboken resident for over two decades, the library has been a constant companion to me. I am a non-fiction fan when it comes to reading, and I enjoy the seminars available such as Wellness Wednesday. Now is the time for me to personally give back and help expand upon the existing resources the library has to offer.”  – Jeanine Crysler

“The Hoboken Public Library is an important part of our community, providing many educational, entertainment and social opportunities for residents. The library enjoys a rich history, an engaging present and a promising future.” – Ruth Markowitz